Monday, November 10, 2014


Welcome to my review for the KUSHYFOOT'S FALL 2014 COLLECTION Item that I got to try. I was able to pick the kind I wanted to try so I picked the Flats to go, the Fleece lined trouser socks and the Fishnet Trouser sock.

KUSHYFOOT also has a lovely new set of Shaping Tights in lots of pretty styles. I live n florida so I could not try the tights its just to warm even now.

I do love the Flats to go they travel really well fit in my handbag and I take them with me when visiting friends on the weekend. These really energize the feet and the house where I wear them in is all tile floor so I really have to have something on my feet or they will hurt . KUSHYFOOT flats to go are wonderful for home or office and come is some really nice fall designs.

The KUSHYFOOT fleece Lined Trouser socks are knee high and will keep you feet and legs really warm throughout the winter. They are fashionable and go really nice with office ware and no one will know you have on a warm sock at the office. These are so comfy and warming you will want several pairs of them

The KUSHYFOOT Tights also come in Fleece lined so if you live in a colder area you can wear them and not freeze your legs off. These are very pretty and will go well with any kind of office ware.

KUSHYFOOT makes over 40 styles and are available at a lot of retailers so they are really easy to find.

I did a short video review for these so you could see the kind I got to try samples of and packaging so I hoe you have a look at that video below.

I received a sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking

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