Sunday, November 30, 2014

Top secret recipe for making Steak on the Cheap

Have you seen the price of a good steak now a days its crazy . I am a beef lover, I love beef and especially beef steak on the grill or broiler. I discovered a secret that can save you a boat load of money with little utilized stew beef.

Stew beef is beef but most people think it's just for throwing in the crock pot.(I was one of these people )

I have found out you can have steak with out the high Price of steak and no one will know the difference.

I have tied and proven this technique and its soooo simple

First you get some stew meat, its always so much cheaper than regular steak.

Than you get out a meet hammer and smite the heck out of it.

Than you put it in a container and add about 1/2 cup of wine or anything you have that has alcohol , beer works great to.

Add some marinade sauce, any kind, I like Lowery's because its cheap and authentic and comes in a ton of different flavors. Add to this mixture a bunch of onion POWDER not salt, Some black pepper and anything else you like

Marinade that all day than put the steak on a broiler pan or grill and cook it - I like to add onions and other stuff like green peppers to it and I have a very nice Cajun seasoning from cooking planet I like to add as well.

I am telling you its fantastic and has made it possible for me to have the flavor of steak with out the 12.00 price tag . Also using stew beef makes a lot, one package lasts me (eating alone) 2 days or more depending on poundage.

OK lets say you have a very picky bunch of eaters, use the stew beef and buy some skewers and make it a shish kabob with it . No one will know it's actually stew beef . it will cook up as well as any cut of steak and you will save a ton of cash

Stew beef is the mostly ignored ,cheaper , under appreciated and less bought of the beef industry. DO not let this cut of beef pass you buy you will be able to have some great tasting dinners that your family and friends will think you spent a ton of cash on .

Give it a try, as a total carnivore I approve this technique . thanks for looking :)

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