Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brahmin Medium Arno Tote Review and Spring 2012 collection

Yesterday was a really Happy Happy day for me. I had been waiting for my surprise gift to arrive from the Vogue Influencer network for about 3 weeks. I had no idea what I would be getting and was really looking forward to being surprised. Well yesterday at 9pm in the evening UPS brought my Gift.

I was so surprised to see that I had been gifted one of the new Brahmin Medium Arno totes in black glossy for my very own! Talk about a really wonderful and thoughtful gift. I really love everything about it. The color is just right for me since it will go with a lot of my darker outfits.

Some of the bags features I love, are its full zipper closure so everything inside the bag is very secure. It has a generous outside pocket for ready access to items needed in a hurry. This outside pocket is big enough to fit just about any size PDA or larger cell phone and its deep enough to keep this secure.

Inside there are many pockets and not one but 2 zipper pockets one large and one small. there is an attached key chain and 2 slider pockets for things like sunglasses or Ipod or anything you might need handy.I am storing my eyeglass case in one for my sunglasses and in the other some lipsticks,glosses and a mirror.

As you can see from the photo its very roomy inside for all my other things yet its lighter weight than most Brahmin totes and more compact.

I am so in love with it and so thankful I was selected to get one its really made my month and since my birthday was on the 15th it made for an awesome birthday gift.

I also want to show you the new spring 2012 collection from Brahmin that is available to me through the widget below . its shows my favorites in the line but I encourage you to discover your own.

Unfortunately the widget is interfering with all my other page elements so I'm not able to post it in the post please find it toward the bottom of my blog I hope to place it there it that works out OK Thanks for reading

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