Saturday, May 12, 2012

Honey Bunches of oats cereal Review and giveaway

I am so happy to have been picked to review Honey Bunches of oats cereal and be given some free coupons so I can hold this blog giveaway. As Purex insider I am sometimes able to review all kinds of wonderful products and even share the product through a giveaway with my readers on this blog. Purex and Post sent me a box of Honey Bunches of oats cereal to review along with some awesome free coupons.

I have always liked Honey Bunches of oats, I love its sweet crunchy flavor that stays crunchy in milk and keeps nice and crunchy while I eat it. Honey Bunches of oats cereal has just the right amount of sweetness to crunch and its so good for you, its the easy way to eat healthy without sacrificing taste.

However NOW they are including even more of our favorite honey clusters in each box, so if possible, Honey bunches of oats is even more tasty. I have several favorites I love the pecan flavor and the walnut or if Im in the mood for fruit they make them now with fruit bites inside. there are so many to choose from and you can be sure each is very healthy and delicious.

As I said I am able to hole a giveaway for someone to win there very own box of cereal. The coupons have a value of 4.49 and I will be giving 2 readers a coupon for a free box of their choice. please use the raffle copter form to enter and just follow the instructions in that for easy entry. I will pick a winner June 1st so be sure and enter soon. I will than mail the coupons out to my 2 winners. I also ask you have a look at the video review I did for this awesome product.Please also visit Honey bunches of oats on facebook for more information and thanks for reading my review and looking at my video :)The giveaway will start Sunday so please check back and enter. Honey Bunches of oats

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  1. Our family lives Post cereals, we haven't tried these yet but you. Ade them sound tempting!

  2. Honey bunches of oats is very tastful.

  3. This is Samantha's favorite cereal.

  4. There are a lot of brands re branding currently to make up more of the competitive cereal market. Post recently was doing work with their shreddies product to give it a more modern image. Quaker has also done dome pretty drastic renovations to their cereal box design.