Friday, May 25, 2012

Update on The Flex Belt I have been using

Hi I have been getting comments to update everyone on how everything is going with my Flex Belt usage. I have been using it about 5 times a week for about 20 days now I am up to a level 5 and a setting of 90. I am feeling that my abdominal muscles are tightening up nicely and my stomach does not protrude as much as it did before.

I am also doing my other normal exercises with this too and really trying to keep to a diet. So far I am really seeing the results that I expected from using the Flex Belt for this amount of time. I am going to keep using it regularly like always but I'm going to have to go a buy some of the gel pads soon. I understand from the instructions that you will need to buy new pads about once a month, depending on how much you use it.

I have since found these on amazon for an OK deal if you can buy enough stuff to get the super saver shipping. I found one set for 8.99 but i have seen sets as high as 15.99. Needless to say I sure wish they lasted longer.

Anyway for this update I'm also including my original review and video just in case you missed the post. Thanks for looking at my update and be sure and ask any questions you have in the comments :)

I was so very happy to be able to try the The Flex Belt
recently,I cant tell you how much I love this product. As most of you know I'm going through menopause and am always looking for things to help overcome some of the really nasty changes I have going on. One of these is weight gain regardless of diet.

I have been seeing over the last year the area around my belly getting bigger and bigger. I am getting that rounded torso area look so common to women over 50. I am going to be 52 in about 10 days. I really wanted to do something about this problem, but I cant do to many crunches any more because I have a touch of sciatica that makes these movements uncomfortable. Because of this I just do not have the discipline to do crunches. I do exercises for arms and legs, but sit ups and crunches are difficult.

I learned about The Flex Belt
through online reviews and really wanted to see if it could help me.

Here is what I found out. At first I thought it would be painful to use, Wow was I ever wrong I actually really like the feel of it working, For me its like getting a belly massage. I love the way its rechargeable so you are not always buying batteries and that its so easy to use and get accustomed to.The Flex Belt
fits around your waste and has a lot of different program you can use with different setting intensitys.

I read all the instructions and found I can have it on a higher setting and still be very comfortable.

The Flex Belt
uses electric muscle stimulation with perfect abdominal contraction up to 150 per session. I am up to 70. I love the way The Flex Belt
was so easy to use. You just follow the instructions for applying the gel pads, put it on and that turn it on. You than want to set the program you want to use, and gradually increase the intensity of the stimulation that cause the mussels to contract, over the course of the program time. For me this feels nice, I do not experience any pain or discomfort with it. I look forward to using it. I am up to program 3 at 70 strength. After the session I store it away and I have never experienced any discomfort after the sessions either.

I can tell The Flex Belt
is really doing its job and I am on my way to a flatter abdominal area. I know a lot of you have been thinking about this product and have probably see the TV ads. If you are worried about pain while using it I can tell you from my experience its not that way at all. Although everyone had different ideas of what is uncomfortable I think with the many setting the product has you will be able to find an intensity that comfortable for you. I actually think it feels much like one of those expensive back massagers that sort of Hum. You can really feel the muscles contract but its not an uncomfortable feeling.

To put it bluntly I'm sort of a pain wimp and before using The Flex Belt
I thought OK here is goes get ready, I was so surprised to find the default intensity settings was so mild that I just felt a slight tickle. In No Time I was adjusting the unit to 70 and on program 3.

some features I love are - The unit will shut its self off when the session is finished, depending on the program you choose it runs from 20 to 40 mins. its easy to increase the intensity as you progress through the session buy using the buttons on the controller and you can also decrease it if you have went up to far, its so very easy.

I did a special video review for the Flex Belt and I hope you have a look so I can show you the products many features . I thank you for looking at my review and I hope I answered some questions you may have about it. If you need me to answer anything else just email me thanks for reading and looking at my video review for The Flex Belt
:)You can get more info here for ordering and testimonials.Also here are some other links you can visit. The Flex Belt
Here is My video review

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  1. I've been wanting one of these. I work out a lot but the extra help would be awesome!