Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Natural House Moppy floor cleaner Review and giveaway

I was sent a sample of Moppy floor cleaner by Natural House
Recently and I must say its a really unique hardworking natural floor cleaner. All you do is drop one of the Moppy packets into a bucket of water and let it foam up a while, than mop your floors as usual.

The really nice thing about Natural House
products are they are just that. natural and they use Probiotic technology to work naturally to make your floors sparkling clean.

Moppy Probiotic Cleaning packet is a concentrated, professional-strength, all-natural floor cleaner. Powerful, plant derived scrubbing agents cut through dirt and lift grime from the floor.

Moppy’s probiotics remain on the surface to help maintain a germ-free and odor-free household. Moppy is safe to use on multiple surfaces including high-gloss surfaces, terrazzo, marble, slate, vinyl, tile, and finished hardwood surfaces. Use weekly to promote a healthy and safe home!

You can purchase natural house products on the website here Natural House product

you can follow them on twitter here Natural house twitter
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So if you are looking for a more natural floor cleaner or any kind of Natural cleaner, I hope you give Natural House a try. I have tried several products from this company and found them all to be very Superior natural cleaning alternatives. Thanks for looking at my review for Moppy by Natural House.

Now you can win a 30 day supply of Moppy floor cleaner from Natural House All you have to do to enter is fill out the below rafflecopter form and you in to win a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  3. Sounds great, thanks for reviewing, I will have to give it a try!

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  5. wow!!!! Its really fantastic technology.. I always using vinegar for removing the strains from the floor but now onwards I am having Natural House Moppy floor cleaner.

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