Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breath Right Advanced review

I was able to try the new Breath right advanced nasal strips through smiley and I have to say I like the improvements.

I had used the original breath right and found them to be Good because my nose is many times blocked due to allergies. What I love about the advanced is the new 4 points technology, that is designed to work with the anatomy of your nose, making the advanced strips work even better than the original.

I like that the advanced has the 3M adhesive. My nose tends to be the oiliest part of my face I need a stronger adhesive to keep the strips in place all night. The Breath right advanced works very well, and stays in place all night. They are very comfortable and I think the improvements will help people with all kinds of nasal blockage due to colds or allergies very well.

I am so happy I got to try them. So if you have not tried the Breath Right advanced I sure hope you give this new technology a try, I'm sure you will find they do a great job in relieving your nasal congestion. I received a sample of Breath Right advanced but my opinions are my own and I think its a great product.


  1. Breath Right advanced,if it is good,then i will pass to my friends also,update posting.

  2. Im using The Breathe Right Advanced 4 Point Technology right now...however my left nose is still plugged ...it could be b/c of snot inside there...but i think it works good...