Monday, October 3, 2011

Dawn RisingDawn Rising by Sheri Webber
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Wow I was able to recently read Dawn Rising by Sheri Webber and I loved it ! This truly is a awesome paranormal romance. I have lived in St Augustine and its where my Father still lives I'm about 30 min away and often go there to have fun and reconnect with its history.

In Dawn Rising we meat some very cool characters, one being very much dead. This story is written so you actually feel both the present time period around St Augustine and what it was like it an earlier time period.

Sheri Webber does a fantastic job of really letting the reader experience the historic city of St Augustine Florida one of the oldest cities in America and steeped in history.

In Dawn Rising by Sheri Webber we meet Samuel Swift who works in St Augustine and likes to go running in the grave yard for privacy. Samuel literally run into a mysterious woman that seems to he their one minute and gone the next. Desperate to learn more about her and maybe ask her out on the town Samuel keeps checking back to see if he can do just that. It Funny how no one who is in the cemetery knows her of even sees her even when Samuel had been talking to her a few seconds ago

. This book will give you the chills and is a awesome mystery. I recomend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance or history and if you are interested in St Augustine Florida you will be in for a real treat as I was. This book is impossible to put down and an extremely satisfying read. Sheri Webber seamlessly combines two time period's while we learn all about Blanch or BJ as she likes to be called. Why she seems to be hanging around and what will Sam do about their attraction to each other. I do not want to say any more so as not to spoil the story for you. The bottom lines is I really enjoyed this book on so many levels and think you will to. Its fascinating, interesting and mysterious and I'm so happy I got to read it .

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