Friday, October 21, 2011

My favorite hair care products for styling and shine

Hi everyone today I'm going to let you know what kinds of hair care are my favorites. I use a few products consistently . I hope you get a chance to look at my video review that I did special for this post

Fist on my list is Head and shoulders shampoo- Ill bet that was a surprise. I love head and shoulders because it conditions my dry scalp.

I don't have a problem with dandruff but rather really dry scalp that tends to make my hair really dry . I explain more in the video.

Next is a styling aid called Fredrick Fekkai glossing cream . this product works for me like a conditioner. I cant use a regular rinse out conditioner because , with out fail my hair ends up with fly aways and static I don't know why but my hair looks really bad the day after I use any kind of rinse out conditioner so, I replace it with this Glossing cream. It only takes a really small amount to fix hair so even thought this product is pricey its cost effective because one large tube will lasts me almost a year.
For those days I do not have time to shampoo or if I am letting it go to make it less dry .I love Suave dry shampoo it works well and smells great its very good at making it appear your hair is freshly washed

I also love Nick Chavez angel drops that I use a few times a week on both wet and dry hair it adds shine and manageability to my hair and protects it from flat iron damage well .

lastly for hold in styling I love Redkin's velvet Gel number 7 . This smells awesome and will protect you color and hair from heat styling beautifully. I sure hope you get a chance to view the video I made for these products. These are all awesome and keep my hair looking shinny, frizz free and color strong . Thanks for looking at my review :)


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  2. All are good products but i have trust on Loreal products for hair.

  3. Thanks for sharing this helpful information about the hair products.

  4. i love Loreal products!

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