Monday, October 24, 2011

Product review Pam cooking spray

I was thrilled to be given the Smiley campaign for Pam cooking spray. I received a really nice baking dish and free coupons for Pam cooking spray. We really love this product here. We do a lot of baking and we would not be able to make our favorite cookies without Pam cooking spray.

I make these really cool Italian cookies called Pizzelle's.

In order to make the you need a special Pizzelle maker which we have. This works like a very thin waffle iron and anyone who knows waffles, knows you have to grease the top and bottom of the irons so they don't stick. These Pizzelle's are very thin and because they are keeping them from sticking to the maker is especially hard to do with out Pam Cooking spray. I use Pam to grease the top and bottom of my Pizzelle maker its essential to having them come out perfect and unbroken.

I make these cookies year around as they are our favorite. Without Pam , I would have to use an oil and this would make the cookies much higher in fat content ,which is not so good. Here is a picture of what these look like, as you can see they are really thin and will break easily. These are very good and we love them.

There are so many different uses for Pam cooking spray it would be hard to list them all. One of my favorite things to do is spray the pot that I'm going to boil pasta in to keep it from sticking. This works so much better than using oil in the water as I found out that using oil will keep the pasta sauce from sticking to the pasta as its should. Using Pam does not do this it just makes it so the pasta does not get clumpy or stick to the pot.

Grilling with Pam is really helpful especially if you are going to use a foil on the grill . food really will stick to nothing if you just spray a bit of Pam on the cooking surface.

Bottom line is we love Pam cooking spray and use it a whole lot here. I would be interested to know your thoughts about Pam cooking spray and how it helps you in the kitchen or grill. Do you have any new and different ways to use it and if so what are they . I hope you leave me a comment letting me know your Pam stories thanks for looking at my review

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  1. Living in Germany, I don't get to see these cooking sprays and people don't use them a lot. I'd love to try them out because they work so well. Thanks a lot for linking up to Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop and for grabbing the button. Following you.