Monday, October 10, 2011

Review A Glimpse of Beautiful Renee Wright Jewelry

Review A Glimpse of beautiful Renee Wright Jewelry

I was really Lucky and won a pair of the fantastic earrings that Renee Wright makes . She makes some really spectacular Jewelry for her Etsy shop .I loved my prize so much I did a video review so you could see how well made these are. I am a huge supporter in handcrafted items and I think that creative people like Renee should have our support.

Not being very creative myself I'm in awe of her work and encourage you to please check out her shop and social networking sites.

These earrings I received, as you can see are just lovely with beautiful blue beads in a grape like cluster. They hang down just right and catch the light very well. I just love them ! .

Renee makes a lot of really beautiful Jewelry items and I'm sure you will find something you would love. The thing I really like about handcrafted Jewelry is that you are not only getting quality but something not everyone will have. You will have an item that reflects the love and dedication to detail that only true artists can impart to their creations.

I am a strong suporter in Etsy shops because its a way for Artists Like Renee to get their creations out to the public for all to enjoy and cherish. I am so happy I discovered her beautiful earrings and I hope you will stop by and see what she had created on her Etsy shop .Thanks for looking at my video review and this written here are some links so you can stop by Glimpse of beauty and render your support. Etsy a Glimpse of beautiful
Renee Wrights facebook page
follow Renne on Twitter

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