Friday, September 28, 2012

A Sudden Glory By Sharon Jaynes book review

I was given a copy of A sudden Glory to read for review through blogging for books. I really cant tell you how much I loved this book, This is the kind of Christian book I long to read. This should actually be required reading for all Christians new and old because you will get so much out of it and each page is filled with tons of wisdom.

Sharon Jaynes is such a fantastic writer, this book helps you understand that the question is not What does God want from you, but rather what does God want for you. Each page is filled with ways Sharon as learned to recognize the sudden glory moments in her life and how you can too. This is the kind of book I would love to buy copies of and pass them out to all my friends and family .

If you are looking for a really great book to read for your devotional time or in a book club setting I highly suggest you put this book on your list to buy. The book also has a journaling section and study questions.

A Sudden Glory By Sharon Jaynes is a really great book that will uplift you teach you and help you become closer to God. I will be re reading this book because its not one of those book you just want to read once but rather a book you want to study and continue to lean from. I am so Happy I was able to review it. Thanks for reading my review

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