Monday, September 24, 2012

Wellesse Liquid supplements update and GIVEAWAY

Hi all I just wanted to give you an update on the Wellesse liquid supplements I have been taking. I need to mention that I did get a number of free samples to try.

That being said I cant tell you how much I love these supplements I find that the Joint movement Glucosamine has made such a difference in my shoulder joint problem that I no longer have that pain. Yay !! This pain was really annoying and nothing helped much and I had tried rubs, and patches but they usually stopped helping after a short time. By taking the Wellesse Joint movement Glucosamine everyday its really improved this problem dramatically.

The best thing about these supplements is there are no pills to swallow and all of the types I have tried have tasted really good and I really love the flavor of the Joint movement Glucosamine. I also love the Calcium & vitamin D3, we all need Calcium and even Dr Oz says that Vitamin D3 is the most important supplement we can take. Can you imagine how big a pill would be having all this goodness inside, Gosh I shutter to think. That's why I drink my supplements whenever I can. Thank goodness Wellesse has so may different kinds to choose from,they even have a digestive 3 in 1 health which is outstanding and so easy to take.

Besides being east to take Wellesse supplements are Just darn tasty, each one is made so taking your vitamins is a pleasant experience I love the flavor of the multivitamin + and I can get all the benefits from a multi with out the giant pills to swallow.

I originally was going to do a very small giveaway with some coupons but the awesome people at Wellesse told me to do a sampling giveaway so 2 people will win some Wellesse samples, a T shirt info and coupons . So since I had finished the video review before I knew that they would let me do this giveaway, when you look at the review you will hear me talking about a coupon giveaway but that all been changed now because of Wellesse generosity so now instead of coupons you can win a nice prize!

I seriously recommend these to you I know how hard it is to constantly have to swallow pills for your health and I can tell you you are going to look forward to taking your vitamins everyday because Wellesse makes them soooo tasty. Here is my latest video review please have a look :)

thanks for looking You can find out all about Wellesse here Wellesse link
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  1. Perhaps the B supplement or maybe even the digestive supplement.

  2. Interesting post. It is essential to read. I was wonder what other supplements our brain might need.

  3. cool prizes! Hope win!

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