Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glade Expressions review

Thanks for looking at my Glade Expressions review for bzz agent. I received 2 free coupons so I was able to try this newer product and write a review. I love them!

These work so much nicer than other diffuser's I have tried and are so pretty .I also got to try the room spray with its lovely design that makes it so you do not have an unsightly air freshener can sitting one your counter. I will explain more about design in the video review because I can actually show you how it works but for now Ill talk about how well these work.

The diffuser I picked to try with my coupons was the Lavender and Juniper Berry this is a really pretty scent and so much better than the fruit scents, I know fruit is popular but they really just makes me hungry. I have been on a diet and the last thing I want my room to smell like is a desert lol so I was so happy to find the Lavender scent at target.

The Glade Expressions diffuser, will fill your whole room with its lovely fragrance and look good doing it. I love that its very stable and really not easy to spill as some diffusers are because everything is nicely protected.

The other product I got to try is the lovely Glade Expressions room spray in cotton and Italian mandarin, this one smells very nice and fresh and I love that the decanter cover hides the spray bottle so its so much less unsightly on my counter.. I hope you get a chance to see the video because I can shouw you how these work better. thanks for looking

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