Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Parnevu Hair Care review help for my dry hair

I was able to try a few Parnevu Products recently and got some free things from there Parnevu line they were Extra Dry Salon Shampoo,Extra Dry Leave In Conditioner (Normal formula) Extra Dry Shining Gel.

As most of you know I have some really dry hair, I have always had dry hair but lately it seems to be getting dryer and dryer. This problem may be due to my age or because of processing but regardless Im always looking for products that are easy on my hair and moisturizing.

what I found out after using the Parnevu product I got to try was that they are really good at making my hair soft but not weighed down. I know this may seem really old fashioned of me but I have to say Im really getting tired of hair that is limp and has no bounce. I know that the flat and straight hair is the style now but gosh I miss the 80s when you could really see that someone had hair. Parnevu made my hair soft and manageable but with out the over conditioned look that makes my hair thinner and non existent looking.

I thought the shampoo was great and it really smelled nice and lathered well. The leave in conditioner was wonderful and made my hair easy to manage and easy to style as you can see from the video. The extra dry shine gel really brought out the color and made my hair shinny. Parnevu accomplished all of this while not weighing my hair down or making it look greasy. You can buy it on the website here PARNEVU

I did a video review for these products so you can see how nice my hair is and the generous size of the products. these are really great and you can also follow them on facebook here Parnevu facebook

Here is the video review for them hope you like it and thanks for reading :)


  1. Good review given.Nice posts for the beauty lovers.Thank you! Looking up for more in this series.

  2. The review is very good.I am also going to use this product for myself.