Monday, September 24, 2012

PaloVia skin renewing laser Update and video

It has been 9 days since I started using the PaloVia skin renewing laser for home use on the wrinkles around my eyes . As promised here is a video review I did so you can see how I'm doing. Being only in day 9 of a 30 day treatment I can see some changes in the ares I'm treating. Mostly I can feel it being a little rough in the area letting me know that my skin is trying to renew itself. The redness I had went away and my skin seems way less sensitive to the treatments. Personally I think they are looking better even after so short a time . If you look at my first video review you will see what I mean.

In this video I decided to wear just a BB cream in place of a full foundation. I did this so you can see that even though I am treating my skin with the PaloVia it still looks fine with no unsightly problems. As you know BB creams are really light coverage , I think it looks fine and I would have no worries about going out in public during my treatments.

So here is the video review its a short one since I explained the PaloVia's function and how to in the last video. I will be doing another video in about 7 days from this date. so be on the lookout for it :)

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