Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PaloVia Skin Renewing laser Review

PaloVia Skin Renewing laser Review . Welcome to my review for the PaloVia Laser. as most of you know I have a ton of those unsightly wrinkles around my eyes when I smile. These annoy me to no end and short of getting an invasive medical procedure I did not know what could be done at home. I was doing some research as I always do for new and innovative at home beauty tools and cam across the PaloVia. It really caught my attention when I learned that it was voted the Best of Beauty Breakthrough 2011.

I cant tell you how happy I was when I was selected to host a PaloVia house party through PaloVia. They sent me everything I would need demonstrate this wonderful beauty tool in my own home so my friends could see it in action. we all got to try it just to see how it feels when in use. I am now using it daily and going through the 30 day initial treatment stage.

My party went really well for the most part ,I did have a few friends who a little afraid of the discomfort but but most thought it was fine and what you would expect a laser to feel like in use.

I'm going to explain some things I learned about it. First you use it by what is called treatment stamps, you do not drag it around your skin. Each stamp is a few seconds long and you can be done with your full treatment is about 3 minuets. The PaloVia comes with a lot of visual and auditory guides to know your doing it right so its so easy to use.

Once you wash and dry your face, you apply the PaloVia Gel to the wrinkles you want to treat you turn on the PaloVia and it will make a clicking sound and a chime so you know its on, and ready. you position the laser window on the wrinkle make sure that the band around the unit lights up blue, this tells you contact is good , press the button and let it do the work. You than move on to the other 1/2 of the same wrinkle. its so easy! Once your done for the day you go a head and use your regular skin care. some things I loved about using it

Their are 3 settings I used the high and is feels like a pinching but not to bad.

You can really feel it working after treatment because you skin will be a bit red and warm. I treat at night and the redness is gone in a few house or shortly.

This unit is rechargeable

it stores easily and comes with a nice storage box

Its very easy to handle and work with

Its a very quick session and is done in do time

What I'm going to do is a series of video review so you can see progress and benefits, as you can see from this first video review I have plenty of wrinkles to tackle. I will try and get these videos up once a week or every 10 days. each video will be a shorter video and Ill tell you if I saw any improvement or if I had any side effects. This will help you make an informed decision about purchase.

As always you can find more information here on the PaloVia web site. Palovia

I sure hope you follow these posts and learn about this innovative beauty took that can help you achieve beautiful skin at home . thanks for looking :)

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  1. I've been looking at the PaloVia and will be sure to follow your updates!