Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mia Mariu makeup review

I was really fortunate to try a few products by Mia Mariu a short time ago. They had sent me to try 2 eye shadows and one lipstick there were also 2 packet samples that I used and thought made a really nice beginning but since they were one time use I cant say to much about them.

Mia Mariu has a great selection of beauty products and makeup that will work with you so you can achieve a really lovely and natural look. I really loved the lipstick I got to try, its a lovely sheer coverage lipstick that was not to heavy but provided me with lots of color. The one I got to try was in the color Seduccion and is a really nice wine color. This lipstick also moisturizes my lips really well and looks nice and pretty.

I also got to try 2 loose powder eye shadows in some lovely lighter shades that I just loved they were Rosa and Durazno. These went on really well and did not crease as some of the more frosted eye shadows can. I just love wearing them they are perfect for Florida and never to heavy.

If you are looking for some lovely makeup product or even skincare that will be more natural and make you feel pretty without being heavy I hope you give Mia Mariu a try, you can find them here at these links and on facebook Mia Mariu website
Mia Mariu facebook
Bottom line is that the Mia Mariu products I got to try were wonderful and I would love to use more. These are healthy for you makeup that wont clog pores and are really made with care for the user . thanks for looking at my review Of Mia Mariu

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