Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kashi chocolate Soft Baked Squares Review

I was able to try Kashi chocolate Soft Baked squares recently and got several samples so I could have my family and friends try them as well. I must say they were a big hit, The only person who was none to fond was my oldest daughter but I think that because she saw healthy on the box and is rebelling agents anything healthy :). Anyway I really like these they are soft and chewy and very chocolaty. The softness really surprised me because it rare to find a whole grain healthy snack that so moist and tender.

Kashi continues to amaze me with the great tasting and healthy snacks they come out with. These would be perfect for any child to take with them in their lunch box and will not only provide them with a sweet treat but the whole grains we all want our kinds and in my case grand kids to have.

These are a great twist on a familiar favorite, These yummy chocolate squares are made with good-for-you ingredients like seven whole grains, sweet potatoes and black beans. And with natural sweetness from agave, 4g of fiber and 300mg of ALA omega-3. The texture is a bit different but they are wonderful and you can even can some tasty Ice cream sandwiches with them by cutting them in half and adding ice cream I love these that way.

Nutritionally they have 160 calories with 60 from fat so this makes them way lighter than a conventional baked square. They have no cholesterol and 2 g of protein. This all makes Kashi Soft Baked Squares a great choice to add to your kids lunch or for an after school snack, I only wish we had these when my son was small.

I did a video revew for these so you can see just how moist and tender they are. I hope you have a look at it soon thanks for looking at my review.

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  1. These look and sound so good! Great review!