Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alternavites for Kids review

I was so excited to try Alternavites for my grand kids because they take a supplement now but I wanted to make it more fun for them to take them. The people at Alternavites provided me with a sample box so I could see how the grand Kids liked them.

These come in some awesome flavors that kids just love like strawberry bubblegum gum and raspberry cotton candy. This make its really easy to get your kids to take their vitamins . They come in single does packs and are quick melting crystals. I have to admit I just had to try them out to see about flavor, the kind I got to try was the rasberry cotton candy its really great!

If you are looking for a really tasty and easy way for your kids to get the vitamins they need I hope you give Alternavites a try. I can offer you a coupon code for an online purchase that will give you 20% off your total so you can give them a try. The code is moms20 and you can find them here at The Alternavites website

Alternavites will provide you child or grandchild with complete vitamin and minerals that they need to get them through their busy days,in a easy and tasty way. Here is some photos of the nutritional info off the box.

As you can see from this picture its really a complete product and Im so glad I got to try them. Thanks for looking at my review for Alternavites.

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  1. Amazing flavors! Kids will love these!