Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Nature Valley Products available at Target review

Welcome to my review for the new products now available from General Mills and Nature Valley. these new products are launching at Target now and you just have to try them. The reason these are so exciting is that they are packed with Protein for long lasting energy and health.

I was sent these 3 new products free to try through Plateful co op in order do this review. I had tried 2 of these before but the new to me one was the Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Protein bars in strawberry.

These have in them almonds, peanuts and strawberry flavored cranberries. The will give you 10g of Protein per bar and are only 180 calories each. Here is a photo of them so you can see packaging, so you know what to get.

The other new product is Nature Valley Breakfast biscuits, these come in a box of 5 packs each having 4 of these wonderful thin biscuits in them. I have tried these before and they are so good to have with tea or coffee in the morning. They are packed with 28g of whole grain and come in honey or blueberry. These are not only really good but they are really good for you.

The Last Product I want to talk about is the new Nature Valley Protein crunch Granola in the resealable bag. its packed with 10g of protein and makes for a wonderful snack .

I did a short video review for these so you could see packaging and know what to look out for at Target. Thanks for looking

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