Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thred Up a Fantastic Name Brand Used Clothing Store With great prices #thredup review

Welcome to my personal review for a new way to buy designer/ name brand fashion on the cheap. This New Online store is called THRED UP
and it is a place where you can buy some really nice used clothing for less.

I came across this recently because I signed up for their mailing list and got a 10.00 off a first purchase coupon. I thought I would give it a try and see what I got. I was able to find 7 beautiful items and apply my 10.00 off coupon along with free shipping on orders over 50.00. My final total was less than 43.00.

I just got all of them in today and thought I would unpack the box with photos and select a few items to do video review for. I am really not use to doing a stand up video so please ignore the look of sheer terror I have on my face LOL.

I really love the items I got!!! Since gaining a bit of weight, I have not been able to really wear my nicer things lately so I went shopping for something to wear that would look nice but not cost me a fortune.

I am doing this review so you can see quality and how packaging is done and how the items look on me. This way you can make an informed decision about buying from the company or maybe even selling some of your nicer things.

The other great thing about THRED UP
is you can also send them your used clothing and they will look them over and if its something they buy they will put them up so someone else can buy them. If you do send things be sure they are items that the company will buy because other wise they will be donated or recycled. If you want your items back you would have to pay for return shipping, so keep that in mind. You dont have to do anything but pack up a bag they send you and than wait to see how much they will pay for them.

Does have a tool so you can see what your items may be worth, so be sure and check that out first.

I really had fun looking at all the items that are for sale at very good prices and now they have a collection of even higher end items available . You can get shoes, dresses, tops and just about anything there, its a really great way to get some pretty things without spending to much. When you see the quality of the Items I bought you will agree.

One of the other reasons I am posting this review is because I do know how hard it is to find acceptable work wear when you are on a budget. I thought this would be great for someone like me who wants to look nice and have name brand clothing yet does not have a boat load of cash to put into it.

Anyway here are the pictures of what I bought and some videos of me wearing some of the items so you can see just how nice these are.

This above photo is the box my items came in

This is the top layer of the items

This is the next Layer

And Next

This photo is of the last casual shirt I got its really silky so I pit it on the lid of the box so you could see detail.

OK, now I did a few videos wearing some of my favorites in this box the first is a Courtenay blazer. I paid 8.49 for it. Please try and put up with me I am not use to doing video standing up and with what I have to work with this is the best I could do. I have to admit I was a bit nervous doing these but I really wanted you to see them.

In This video I am wearing a Kim Rogers Henley shirt it is like new and just right for me. This one cost me 6.49

This video is for a Liz Claiborne Golf Cardigan This one cost a whopping (lol) 5.49 it is in perfect condition.

Here is a copy of my packing slip for this order I sure hope you can see the fantastic low prices I paid for these items thanks for looking at my review:)

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  1. Lori, you are just too adorable in your videos! I'm 53 as well and have been a customer of thredUP for just about a year now. I have to say that I'm actually at a point of being clothing saturated! I have so many dresses that if I wore one a day (including the party dresses) I could not wear the same dress for over 2.5 months! That's a LOT of dresses. Mixed in with that are gobs of sweaters, blazers, tops, skirts, pants and suits. Honestly. I've never been a clothing wh*re, but I swear people would think otherwise if they saw my closet.

    I'm glad you like thredUP and that you found items useful for you. Be careful because it's very easy to get hooked on buying from them. Trust me...lol. I know.

    Keep on videoing. You looked adorable. I loved the turnic top on you. Very cute.