Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Through the Deep waters by Kim Vogel Sawyer book review

I was able to read Through the Deep waters by Kim Vogel Sawyer, through blogging for books. I think this is my favorite book by this writer . I have read many books By Kim Vogel Sawyer but this one was just a perfect Christian fiction that was both inspirational and entertaining.

This is the story of a young woman named Dinah, she was raised in a Chicago brothel and is the daughter of a prostitute. Her dream is to become a Harvey Girl waiting tables along the railroad. She longs for the respectability that comes with this position because Harvey Girls are required to be hardworking and pure.

I really loved the development of Dinah in this story, she is a girl that was never told anything about God or Christ and as she tries her best to fit into a new lifestyle, she is not sure she will ever be worthy of being a Harvey Girl . Since she is only 17 and she Must be 18 to be selected as Harvey Girl she takes a job as a maid at a hotel. Here she find people who want to be her friend but she is so fearful they will discover her past that she deliberately keeps her distance.

Dinah has a terrible secret, If anyone should find out about it she would loose her dream of becoming a Harvey Girl and any possibility of a home and family.

This book has everything a Christian fiction story should have in it . I am so happy I got to read it and have it for my library. Thanks for reading my review.

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