Monday, April 28, 2014

ThredUp My new tops are fantastic Review

Welcome to my second review for ThredUp I got some very nice things this time as well and I just could not resist doing 2 short video reviews for my favorites . In case you missed out on the last blog posts I did for ThredUp I thought I would tell you all about them.

First things first ThredUp is a fantastic on line clothing store that has designer brands. These items are previously owned and inspected for the slightest flaw. They do tell you if an Item has any flaw so you can make an informed decision. I got a whole bunch of tops from them this time because its what I am really short on. I loved everything but only had the time to do 2 reviews on my 2 favorites .

Please keep in mind that you can also order a clean out bag, you can fill the bag with the items in your closet that you do not fit in anymore or did not really like after buying them. ThredUp will than buy them from you, if its something they want... if not they will donate the clothing to a charity so its really a win win.

ThredUp also has the option to send you back the items they cant use just in case you are wanting them back this option will coast for shipping them back to you .

I can offer you a 10.00 off 10.00 for you first purchase on ThredUp and with some items costing only 3.99 you can get more than one in some cases.

As an example I just got a like new pair of shoes for 6.99, I cant wait to get them in.

ThredUp has tops,dresses,shoes,pants and skirts. They have a lot to choose from and I always find something really great there. So here is the link that will give you 10.00 off 10.00 THREAD UP website

Here is a photo of what I ordered and will come in soon I just love the look of this light weight sweater. It is a Lauren Active By Ralph Lauren Pullover Sweater. This one cost me 14.49 and will be perfect for Florida

Here is a still shot of me wearing the Ann Taylor Loft sweater from the video.

Now here are the video reviews I did . The first one is for a Ann Taylor Loft light sweater with blue bead work and the second one is for a company called prototype its a really nice summer top . thanks for looking :)

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