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Book Review Harvest of Grace By Cindy Woodsmall

The Harvest of GraceThe Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was able to read this story through blogging for books , they sent me an advanced copy.
Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall is a fabulous read and is really uplifting and teaching.

At first I was just a bit confused with it because of the many levels this book as. Being use to a story about one or two people I was surprised that this story has so may characters and story plots in it.
You are not just getting one story about one girl and her troubles but rather a whole community of people. Trust me its a very pleasant surprise. This really made me want to go back and read the stories that came before it because you fall in love with all the very real characters.

This story starts out with a Amish girl named Sylvia, she has not yet officially joined the faith but continues to try and be a good member of her very large family. Sylvia falls in love with Elam but she is not ready yet to commit to marriage. Elam however takes her hesitation as a rebuff and betrayed her in a way that devastates her.

Sylvia needs to get away from the conflict in her family and agents the wishes of her father takes a job as a farm hand miles away from home.

Aaron Blank has also come back to the farm but not with the idea to stay but to convince his parents that the farm will never earn money and is headed for disaster. Aaron also has his problems and is just out of rehab for a problem with alcohol. Because of this his parents and him are estranged and he is not welcomed back. Aaron tries to convince his family and Sylvia that selling the farm is the only way to survive. Sylvia loves the farm but does not know how bad things really are. At first she resents Aaron than comes to care about him.
Interwoven in the story of Sylvia and Aaron are many other stories about the people from the previous Ada house novels. If you have net read any of these yet I would recomend starting with the first book The hope of refuge. The reason I say this is because all of the characters from the first 2 novels are very much present in this one and you will be able to enjoy the story more knowing the background of each of them and how their story is continued in this one.
Bottom line is, this is a really great story that shows us the need to forgive those that hurt us and be able to forgive ourselves before we can expect to truly love anyone.
spectacular read !

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