Friday, September 9, 2011

For fall Bulgari Exclusive Serpenti Collection

For the first time in many years Bulgari is reviving the classic Serpenti collection in new and vibrant design . I got my first look at these awesome accessories this morning through the Vogue Influencer network . They all look to pretty and I love the colors my favorite color being green I saw this bag and just about dropped dead it was so unique. These all will be available in the fall. I'm posting up some photos of my favorites. As you can see these are not only so fashionable but but the bracelet and belts look like they are real snakes! I just love the look and am now lusting after everything Bulgari . Here are some awesome images of this new line and some info about them. SERPENTI Accessories Collection Shoulder Bags in Jade Green and Shanghai Red Available from the FW 2011 Collection, both these medium- and small-sized bags are made of karung skin and their snake-head closures are made of black and white enamel with malachite eyes
Just take a look at this bracelet and tell me you would not be the talk of the town wearing it ! Snake Bracelet in Gold and Polychrome Enamel with Diamonds - ca. 1965
Have a look at this belt its sooo unique and realistic .Its a lovely historic edition to their Archives Snake Belt in Gold and Polychrome Enamel with Sapphires Originally owned by fashion legend Diana Vreeland, Bulgari replicated this belt so it could have a permanent place in their Historical Archive Collection. This belt is made of pink and white enamel with sapphire eyes
Like a nice set here is a wallet and Belt sure to turn heads at any gathering. I love the color I'm a big fan of all things green SERPENTI Accessories Collection Wallet and Double Coiled Belt in Jade Green Made of karung skin, the snake-head details have light gold and enamel finishes with malachite eyes. Also available in Shanghai red, black, and amber karung from the FW 2011 Collection
All of these Fantastic fashionable designs will make any woman a Bulgari woman for sure me included :) you can check out the collection here Check out the new Serpenti collection here


  1. not a huge snake fan...although I think the belt would also look very cool as a ring design =)

  2. Wow, I love it, especially the white one. It has such an exquisite look.

  3. Amazing collection!!!! Really like it. Thx