Sunday, September 4, 2011

product review Goodskin labs Filextra and Z-pore

Hi Everyone
I was selected to review Goodskin labs products recently, they are Filextra and z-pore . First I want to talk about the Filextra.
I really love this product it has really made my skin look so much better and I can actually see the awesome results. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and its a really wonderful cream. I am using it as a night cream because it dose not have a sunscreen in it but is rather a really rich and luxurious cream. Filextra has so many good things in it to make skin respond quickly and with beautiful results.
Goodskin labs has many wonderful products and I think they are a very innovative company, these two products Ive tried have proven to me just how good they are.
Filextra is a revolumizing treatment with collagen and an all over facial moisturizer. It will over time rebuild youthful volume skin has lost over time. Filextra will address loss of radiance and that Mid face sink that happens as we get older. Here is how it works.

1. Rebuilds. HyActive™, a topical form of an ingredient used in dermatologist treatments, triggers skin to stimulate natural Hylauronic Acid production while Natural Collagen Boosters help create a more supportive, more stable skin structure.
2. Refills. Aqualance™, a GoodSkin Labs discovery, helps replenish skin’s H2O to optimal levels to restore youthful plumpness where fullness has been lost.

3. Revolumizes. An advanced Lipid Filling Complex fills in the gaps, acting as a protective barrier to surround the newly added H2O so skin can hold onto essential revolumizing moisture.

This is now my new favorite night cream and I feel so privileged to have discovered it! I seriously thought my regular products were good but I have seen so much more improvment with Filextra in the 2 weeks than I have in a long time. Anyone who is experiencing a loss of skin volume should give Filextra a try for sure. Filextra is available at Kohl's and online at

Z-pore is another fine product. I have a problem with large pores and Z-pore instantly refines the look of pores, controls oil and reduces shine.
your skin will have a flawless mate finish all day long. I really love that this product has just the slightest bit of tint to it and it really looks nice. You can actually watch your pores closing off so that if you choose to wear makeup with it, the makeup dose not settle into pores causing the white dot effect.
Here is how it works.
Z-Pore™ combines special silicone polymers and optical diffusers to instantly reduce the look of pores and provide a soft matte finish to the skin. This water-, sweat-, and humidity-resistant formula lasts all day.
Directions: Use fingertips to smooth a small amount over areas with visible pores – nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Z-Pore™ can be worn alone or with foundation for invisible pore coverage.

I really love both of these products so much I did a video review for them which I only take the time to do for exceptional products like these.
here is my video review for both products.

Thank you for looking at my review I sure hope you give these 2 great products a try -remember they are available at Kohl's


  1. can't find z-pore at kohl's stores or their online web site. very disappointing august product release.

  2. Hmm Im wondering why not too I saw it available when I did this post Im wondering if they are just out of stock . its a fantastic product I sure hope you dont give up on trying to find it