Saturday, September 10, 2011

I am really loving my Dr Scholl's custom fit orthotics , they fit well and really make my feet feel awesome. I have problems with arch supports and these inserts have solved this problem for me making me tired feet feel great all day no matter how busy I am. I have these in my Sneakers and they work really well. I have no more foot pain and way less knee pain. if you are having any problems with your feet at all I would suggest going to the Dr Schools custom fit orthotics machine having your feet fitted for the right insert and really enjoying the benefits and relief these will bring to you . I really love them and only wish I had tried them sooner .I'm so happy that Smiley has given me a pair to try I'm telling all my friends and family about how great my feet now feel -Please help me with my smiley challenge by clicking this link , the facebook app is not working so this is the only way I can do it Help with my smiley Challenge

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  1. Ive payed $ 50 and they did nothing for me. No help at all!