Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stunning David Yurman Jewelry in Sterling

Hi Everyone :) I am a Vogue Influencer and was shown some really beautiful new Jewelry by designer David Yurman this week and I just had to share them with you . We all have wish lists and I am no different , though I may not be able to afford this stunning Jewelry is sure dose not stop me from wishing I could .I am a big fan of Sterling silver and David Yurman has created some stunning pieces with diamonds and other lovely stones here are some of my favorites from this list . This one is a David Yurman Pave Diamond Cable Buckle Bracelet, I just love the sculpted detail and sleek beauty. My second favorite is the stunning David Yurman Sculpted Cable Cuff with Diamonds. I just love a nice Cuff bracelet.

There are so many different beautiful and unique designs on the website I hope you get a chance to view them all David Yurman Bracelets

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