Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kashi's TLC New Peanutty Dark Chocolate Granola bar Review

I was recently able to try for myself Kashi's New TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Granola bars . These are really awesome and so good for you! The bar has a base of tasty granola topped with the richest Dark chocolate fudge you will love, and sprinkled with tasty crushed peanuts. I was able to pass these out to my friends and family who have small kids and everyone thought they were awesome! The kids thought they were getting candy.

For more than 25 years Kashi has been on a mission to make whole grains that are good for us taste good too. They have done so much to make it possible for our children to get the great grains they need in a Delicious way. I am a real fan Of all things Kashi as you can see from my video review attached below.

Kashi products are minimally processed and free of highly refined sugar,artificial additives and unnatural preservatives. This makes Kashi a great Choice for Moms who want to make sure their children have the proper nutrition ,but do not want to always say No to great taste.

I think Kashi has hit a home run with their New TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Granola bars because though they are rich in nutrition, they are also rich in taste! Any Mother and Grandmother knows that getting Kids to eat healthy can be an endless battle. As a Mother and Grandmother myself, I know that providing Children with healthy whole grains is essential for health and development.

I also know that 9 times out of 10 it will be difficult to get them to eat and enjoy these healthy options. However with Kashi's New TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Granola bars the better for you snack has been solved because in each bar you are getting 7 Grams of fiber-4 grams of Protein whole grains and low fat. For a snack thats really great and kids really do love them. I love them ! You will also have the comfort of knowing your kids will not be getting anything artificial or harmful.

The other Kashi Items I was able to try were the awesome Cinnamon Harvest Cereal- I gotta say I absolutely love this with Chocolate soy milk its really like having a treat Or when its a chilly morning here is a great Idea everyone in my family loves . First you crunch up your Cinnamon Harvest Cereal in a bowl than you get a Fuji apple , peal it and cut it in quarters, Use your cheese grader to grade a 1/4 apple slice per bowl , Mix in and add milk or soy milk than heat in the microwave for about 40 sces . What you will have is a very tasty apple Cinnamon cooked cereal that tastes a lot like an apple crisp and really warms you up. You can also use a pre made apple pie filling but I like the fresh apples. Very Yummy and great for you !

The last item I got to try were the Kashi TLC soft baked cereal bars in strawberry . These are great and so good for you. I really love for a evening snack with tea.

Bottom Line is Kashi makes good for you foods that taste great and I encourage you to like them on face-book

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Please have a look at my video review Below that I did special for all these great Kashi products and thanks for looking :) GO Kashi !

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  1. Very interesting posts on your site. I keep on coming back to learn more. I guess through demand we are seeing more and more of their gluten free line out here in Edmonton, Alberta. You have made it easy for me to understand.