Thursday, September 15, 2011

Product Review Hartz Nodor cat litter spray

I was able to try a sample of Hartz Nodor cat litter spray through Viwepoints . At first I was really dubious, I thought OK how could this possibly work and would it interfere with the cat litter.

First I have to say we have a very stinky cat and my Hisband keeps the litter box in his small office at home because I really cant stand it anywhere else. Sara is my Husbands cat, she has been with him longer than I have so he is especially attached to her. She seem so go out of her way to miss the litter box entirely or "go" on every small throw carpet we have in the house .

I have used the Hartz Nodor litter spray on the litter box and on the carpets she seems to like to use as her bathroom and I gotta say it really works well. I first tried on the litter box itself and it really did a great job ant keeping the area smelling fresher , in other words my husbands office no longer smelled like a litter box lol. I have also tried in in other areas of the house where the Cat has "went" and it also works well on small carpets . So if you have a stinky cat you might want to try this product it works well and dose not interfere with the cat or the litter at all and just works the way it was designed to . thanks for looking at my review :)


  1. Hi Lori. After leaving my 9 yr old male cat Sammie home and went away on vacation, he urinated on my carpet in two separate areas. Since then, I have tried numerous cleaners to eliminate the urine smell but I haven't had luck. My concern is that he has urinated in the same spot a few times, and I do not know what else to try. The carpet was expensive and it has become a big problem. While searching the Internet for a solution, I came across your blog where you noted the use Hartz NoOdor litter spray and had some success. I am trying to find out if the litter spray can be used in carpets. Please let me know what your experience has been. Thanks. Catherine D

    1. I have not done this but if you do a search on google you will see some people have done it I would call the phone number on the bottle just to be sure thanks for reading Lori