Friday, September 23, 2011

Natural House Cleaning products review and giveaway

I was thrilled to be selected to try the Natural House
Cleaning products in my home for a few weeks . These are really awesome and here are some things I really love about them These products are called Trasy, Sinky and Flushy - each product is for use on different tough cleaning tasks .These are all eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable and work by using probiotic technology so they keep on working after your cleaning is finished . These good probiotics which continue to scour, clean, consume odors, grime, grease, and germs, yet are safe to use around Children and pets and are awesome for the environment .

I liked these so much I did a video review for them so you could see the products and their unique features, First and foremost I love that they come in little packets. One of the things I really hate about conventional toilet cleaning products is the messiness . You can totally avoid this because the Flushy is a packet you just toss into the toilet bowl and let foam for about 5 mins than brush around and flush .

My Husband really loves this he is responsible for cleaning his grown daughters bathroom because at 23 and 27 they refuse to do it so I let him try Flushy,Sinky and Trashy in their bathroom and he was really happy with the results.

I totally loved using all the products from my Kitchen to my bathroom. I was impressed by The outstanding cleaning power and the wonderful ease of use. I also really liked the scent of the Flushy it smells very nice and clean and is a powerhouse of clean. Using the Trashy spray in my trash cans really helped a ongoing problem in our house because we keep out trash can out in the open so the Girls will actually thrown stuff away. I loved the Sinky because it will keep your drains fresh and clean and running smoother,and they also come in packets you just toss in the drain and run hot water on them.

Bottom line is I Loved all 3 products for there awesome cleaning ability, The way they continue to clean through out the week , the fresh scents and ease of use.

Here is some more fantastic info about these awesome Natural House

•Our products use an eco-friendly cleaning method of probiotics that create a beneficial, odor eating ecosystem to naturally drive out and digest odors at their source.

•Natural House's plant-based ingredients are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable to naturally fight the toughest problems you face in your house.

• Our products, Sinky and Flushy even break down and digest fats, oil, grease, and solid waste to ensure your disposal, pipes, drain lines or septic tank run smoothly.

•Our cleaners contain good probiotics which continue to scour, clean, consume odors, grime, grease, and germs, and they continue to do so until your next weekly treatment!

•We earned the coveted Retailers’ Choice Award” at the 2011 National Hardware Show! So how exactly does probiotic household cleaners work?

•The surfaces in your house are like a garden. If you don’t seed with good plants, weeds will grow. You have the same choice with your household surfaces: sanitize for a moment with harsh chemicals leaving your surface open to recontamination or seed with probiotics to continuously weed out the bad micro-organisms.

•Traditional cleaners “clean” a surface for a moment in time; the second the rag is finished wiping the surface, that surface is almost instantly polluted once again with ambient dust, dirt, and micro-organisms.

•Natural House probiotics creates mini-ecosystem on a microbial level that produces enzymes which break down odors, dirt, fats, oil, grease, food scraps, waste and toilet paper products on a continuous basis between applications. This creates a natural, clean, balanced environment that is safe for even the most sensitive members of your natural house.

Natural House Cleaning products
Can be found here on the website CLINK HERE

To Purchase on Amazon go here
Natural house cleaning product also have twitter and facebook pages you can follow at these links

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Please watch this video for info about these awesome Cleaning products here Here is my Video review I did for them


One person will win a 3 weeks supply of all 3 products They are Flushy,Sinky and Trashy.


  1. I would love to give these green products a try , I like green.

  2. I'm really sensitive to chemicals and scents. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Lori - the FB link in the form doesn't work.

  4. I love using only natural cleaners around my toddler son (who touches everything!)


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  5. I like that these products are made with natural ingredients. That gives me peace of mind!
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  6. Lori, Nice Blog! These sound like very nice products.

  7. I love how natural they are; and how a little goes a long ways! Easy to use. I definitely want to try SINKY!

  8. A fantastic range of modern and classic cleaning products available at sensible prices to help create that perfect dining experience.

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