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Florida Tourism the Haunted St Augustine Lighthouse

The stately St Augustine lighthouse is one of the tallest lighthouses in the world, Its white and black stripes make it a real attraction for tourists. If you Visit the light house you can climb to the top and receive a certificate saying you did but its not easy getting to the top of this very tall lighthouse. from the top you can see picturesque St Augustine old town and a wonderful view of the ocean.
A Spanish watchtower, built in the late 1500's was the predecessor of the present St. Augustine Lighthouse. St. Augustine is the site of the oldest aid to navigation in North America. The original watchtower became Florida's first lighthouse in 1824. However, by 1870, the tower was threatened by shoreline erosion and construction began on the current lighthouse. The new tower was completed in 1874. The old tower succumbed to the sea during a storm in 1880.
Constructed of Alabama brick and Philadelphia iron, the lighthouse is St. Augustine's oldest surviving brick structure. In 1876, a brick light keeper's house was added to the site. Light keepers' and their assistants lived and worked there until the tower was automated in 1955.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse rises 165 feet above sea level and contains 219 steps.
You may have heard that the St Augustine Lighthouse is haunted, the TV show Ghost Hunters has been there a few times and each time very spooky things have happened.

Some Tour guides have reported seeing the ghost of Dr Ballard a former land owner who was not thrilled about selling some of his land for the lighthouse.
There are other stories of tragedy associated with the haunted lighthouse.
Hezekia Pittee's daughters, along with an African-American girl, all drowned when the handcart in which they were playing went off the tramway that was built to carry supplies from ships to the lighthouse. There have been reports of ghostly girls being sighted at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, but there is no way to know whether or not they are the Pittee girls or their friend. In fact, no one ever reports the spirit of a third girl being seen. The most credible reports have been of a single girl. See the St. Augustine Lighthouse Girl.
One former keeper spoke often of hearing footsteps following him during his rounds, and also noticed the odor of cigar smoke, possibly from a former lighthouse keeper from whom he was mentored. The cigar smoke has been noted by many visitors, usually within the lighthouse tower. Perhaps one of the former keepers is still caring for the lighthouse.

You can take tours of the light house and experience for yourself the spooky goings on or just take in an awesome sight once you reach the top.
for infor history and tour times dates and costs please visit the offical Lighthouse page
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