Monday, March 24, 2014

Dei Fratelli Tomato products and Juices review

Welcome to my review for the Dei Fratelli Tomato products I got to try. I have use these boxed shelf stable tomato's before but this time I got to try the Juices they also make. So I thought I would do a video for them as well. I really like these tomato products because they come in nice cartons and not cans . you really get the fresh tomato flavor in each one you use.

The people who make Dei Fratelli products put them in these cartons so they are better tasting they also go from field to carton and have no preservatives.

I use the cut tomato's in a whole lot of recipes, I like adding them to spaghetti to give the sauce a chunky look. I also think they do really well as a topping for meatloaf when it calls for a tomato topping. The favorite way I use these is in my un-stuffed Cabbage . I love cabbage but hate the time it take to make it. making it the un stuffed way is much easier and it tastes great.

The veggie Juice and tomato Juice I got to try is really good and fresh tasting and is also shelf stable so you can store it nicely. I really love all of these gourmet tomato products they are not only very easy to use but you can use what you want and keep the rest in the fridge in the original carton with no worries about the tomato's taking up that tin can flavor .

You can find out all the info about them products you need on the web site but I hear you can now find these at your store, I know that my local Publix has them so that's really great because not I can just stock up on them when I want to.

Dei Fratelli info
I did a video review so you could see packaging and I hope you have a look at it . Thanks for reading my review :)

I was sent a number of samples in order to do this review but my opinions are my own .

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