Sunday, March 23, 2014

Publix Big G and Fruit Event

As a member of plateful co op I am able to let you all know about the fantastic Breakfast of savings event they will be having at the Publix grocery stores today through April 11 .

Publix is a sale for some of your favorite Big G cereals Like the totally tasty chocolate Cheerios and honey nut cheerios. They also encourage you to buy fruit to have with your cereal because having fruit in the morning is a good way to start the day.

Buy any two Cheerios products and save $1.50 on Publix Fresh Fruit. Please check your Publix for details. I am still waiting for the details about this event to be sent to me and Im sure you can find the sizes you need and the cereals this is good for at Publix. Once I have a bit more info Ill be able to tell you more.

I know that this week through the 26th they have apples and Strawberries on sale and those would make for a really healthy morning treat. I was given a gift card to shop the sale and a box of each of the cheerios that will be part of this event in order to do this post but my opinions are my own.

I really love the chocolate Cheerios and if you ad a few Strawberries to the mix its really great. I also love apple slices in my cereal to give it a bit of crunch . Be sure and stop by your Publix and grab some fruit and Cherrios for a healthy and tasty breakfast while this event is going on.

Be sure and check for online coupons and you can always view the Publix sale paper at this link Publix web site

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