Monday, March 17, 2014

Mrs Meyer's Clean day Cleaning products Review

Welcome to my review for Mrs Meyer's Clean day Cleaning products, I cant tell you how much I love these products . These provide you with cleaning power and also with aroma therapy because they use essential oils in each item that are the truest scents I have ever smelled in a cleaner.

The first one I got to try was for the Mrs Meyer's counter top spray in the scent Lemon Verbena. I Love this scent and wanted to just clean everything with it. This counter top spray makes the whole house smell like a spring day and its a unique scent so people will notice it when that visit.

I found that all of these product did what they said they would to provide great cleaning and a long lasting scent. I really want to keep using these so I was happy to hear they have them at Target and my grocery store. I actually saw a coupon in the online Target coupons for these available right now .

The next product I got to try was the Mrs Meyer's clean day Dish washing soap in the scent Basil.I really hate to wash dishes by hand but using the Basil dish soap it was a joy not a chore . it get dishes clean cuts grease and this scent just makes you happy to be using it.

Than I got to try the Lavender hand wash its the nicest lavender I ever used, its very natural and not one of those fake smelling lavender scent so often found in other cleaning products or soaps. It comes in a pump bottle and is available in many scents.

Mrs Meyer's clean day products come in a variety of scents, 16 of them so you can choose from any scent you wish. I can tell you if you love scented products that not only clean well but will fill your home with a freshness than cant be beat you will also love these products.

I really was amazed at how long the scent lasted after cleaning something, and how fresh the whole house was. This is a huge deal for me because I live in an area of Low Tide and sometimes the air is nasty so I love scented cleaning products. You will not find a more true to scent cleaner than these. Its almost like you just brought in the real plant into the house.

I was so happy I was selected to try these I will be using them all the time because the very best part is they are just 3.99 each now that's a bargain because most cleaning products are about that much or more and do not provide you with such fantastic aroma therapy.

I got to try these items free through some insiders groups I belong to and am so very happy I was able to experience the scents and cleaning power of each of them. I did a video review for these so you could see packaging better and hear my thoughts about them thanks for looking

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