Sunday, March 16, 2014

Target Big G Retro Cereal packaging campaign

Welcome to my review of the Big G cereals in retro packaging that will be available at Target. I am not sure on the dates for these but I can tell you all about them. I was provided with the retro boxes of cereal through Plateful co op and General Mills in order to do this post for them.

Whats different about this packaging is you will be able to see the exact date that your favorite cereals came out. and on the back of the box their will be some fun things to do while you are enjoying your breakfast. Here are some photos.

As you can see the debut date is clearly marked. I know these will be available at Target soon and Im sure they will have a sale so you can collect all 5 of these great breakfast favorites.

I thought I would do a very short video review for one of my favorite cereals so I could show you the packaging on that one. here is that video review.

I sure hope you try these out they are fun and are really tasty cereals thanks for reading. I was sent free 5 boxes of cereal in order to do this post and video but my opinions are my own :)

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