Monday, March 24, 2014

Target Big G Justice League review

I was able to try the Cheerios box that has the comic book in it through plateful co co and general mills. They sent me this special edition box of cereal that will be available at you local target store.

If you have kinds and they already love Cherrios than this is a great promo for you . inside each box is a limited edition Justice league comic book for your kids to enjoy.

I think this is a fantastic event because it not only gives you a great healthy cereal but will also give your child something to read and reading is good.

The next time you have to buy cereal why not stop by Target and get this special Limited edition Cheerios box, I know your kids will be really excited with the comic and want to show all their friends what they got its a really nice surprise and will make for a very happy morning.

I did a very short video review for it so you could see packaging and get the right one for your children to enjoy thanks for looking #gotitfree

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