Monday, March 31, 2014

KUSHYFOOT 2014 NEW styles and hot colors review

Welcome to my review for KUSHYFOOT 2014 styles and hot colors. I was sent several of these to try in different styles and colors. First I have to say that I love the KUSHYFOOT ultra low cut foot covers, these come in a lot of different styles and colors and they are very low cut so that they cover your foot but can be worn with lower cut shoes so that you cant see to much of them when wearing flats.

These are so comfortable and they stay in place which is great because other foot covers tend to bunch up as you walk and that is very annoying for me. I live in Florida and I like to wear something on my foot with my flats during summer but socks are a bit much. KUSHYFOOT has solved this Problem by making an attractive foot cover that is not to heavy on the foot but rather very comfortable.

The kind I got to try were

Two packs of the Ultra Low cut in the 2 pack, as you can see from the photo above they cane in pink pair with a black pair and a lace grey pair and and black pair. I also got a one pack of the KUSHYFOOT sport foot cover that's really comfortable to wear with my sneakers, and a pair of Sheer anklets that can be worn with anything, really, they are so pretty and stylish.

KUSHYFOOT makes foot covers in so many styles and colors, they have a whole new line for 2014. They are made so you can have some cushion on your feet with any kind of shoe you are wearing. Their are more that 20 styles to choose from . The cute little lace top kind are really cute because the lace sort of peaks out and is very pretty.

You can also get these in Nude that will blend in and your feet will be comfortable in your shoes but no one will know you have them on. No matter what kind of shoe you wear you can be sure that KUSHYFOOT has a foot cover to meet your needs that is so much nicer that slipping a bare foot into a shoe.

The KUSHYFOOT Sheer Anklet Massages your foot with ever step making it an awesome foot cover to wear for work. It is not only stylish but will make your feet feel great all day.

The KUSHYFOOT sport foot cover offers comfort with a Sneaker, its low cut design keeps your foot feeling comfortable while you do your running around.

This is just a few of the great new items available from KUSHYFOOT I hope you have a look at the website at this link and find a pair to buy, you will love them for comfort and style . Thanks for reading my review .

KUSHYFOOT web site

I have also see these available on drugstore .com and other online retailers

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