Tuesday, March 25, 2014

InstaNaturals 100% pure Argan oil review

Welcome to my review for InstaNaturals 100% pure Argan oil that I got to try. I love Argan oil because my hair is really super dry and coloring it makes it even dryer.

What I do with this product is I had a few drops to my hair before shampooing and leave in in their for about 20 mins to let it really soak in. than I just shampoo my hair as usual and it comes out really shinny and soft.

Argan oil can be used for many things beauty related, you can use it on dry skin, on your face, anywhere dry skin is a problem and in the hair for shine and softness. This product is 100% organic and you get a large bottle with a dropper for accurate dispensing.

This is a really great product to have on hand to anytime you need to moisturize the skin or your hair and nails its a large 4 fl oz bottle and is made by a great company.

You can find this product on amazon at a much better price than I usually see Argan oil of this quality . here is a link for you

InstaNaturals Argan oil on amazon

I did a short video review so you could see packaging and my thought about this Argan oil thanks for looking at iy :)

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