Monday, March 24, 2014

InstaNaturals 100% pure Moroccan Rose Water review

Welcome to me review for InstaNaturals 100% pure Moroccan Rose Water. I Just got to try a number of products from Insta Natural and this is the first review you will see of the several I got to try. I received some low cost samples in order to do these reviews so let get started on this first one.

First of all I wanted to say that Rose water has been used for years as a skin hydrator, If you do a search for the uses of Rose water you will find it has many applications.

I love to use this product as a toner. so many toners tend to dry out my already dry skin so I stay away from them. I was so happy that the InstaNaturals 100% pure Moroccan rose Water did not only make for a really lovely toner it also smelled very nice.

The product comes in a larger bottle of 4fl oz so you are getting a whole lot for the price. It can be used as a toner, cleanser, refresher for the face and can be used in your bath, in your hair for a nice shine. I hear that men can use it as an after shave. You can even use some in your bath to make the water smell like fresh picked roses.

InstaNaturals Rose water is so pure you know you are getting a product that not only has so many practical uses but is really good for the skin and very natural.

Back in ancient times when skin care was young Rose water was very high on the list of things that were available to women for taking care of their skin. Today its a more natural product than other toners that can be a bit drying and harsh. I really love the smell and like I said in the video it like getting a tone and aroma therapy in one bottle.

You can get InstaNaturals 100% pure Moroccan Rose Water, on amazon and it would be a great way to use a gift card you might have.

you can find this one on amazon here at this link

InstaNaturals 100% pure Moroccan Rose Water

InstaNaturals makes a lot of natural and good for your skin items so I hope you have a look at my other review for them. here is the video review I did for this product.

The funny thing is no matter how hard I try and get the front of the bottle in the camera I never get it right this is why I posted up a larger photo because I am stuck in stupid about how to get the bottle in the proper position for filming the video :) thanks for looking

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