Monday, March 3, 2014

Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits review

Welcome to my review for Nature Valley breakfast biscuits. These are a new product available now and they are great. I love so much about them they taste really good and I love to dunk them in my tea. You are getting 4 Biscuits to a pouch and the box holds 5 pouches so they can be taken with you on the go.

Nature Valley breakfast biscuits give you a whole bunch of whole grain 26g for lasting energy and morning focus. I got to try the Blueberry and the honey they are both really good and will fill you up in the morning nicely. I was able to try these through Plateful co op and general mills. I love to try new and different products and these really will fill a need you have to not only get more whole grain in your diet but they are a real treat in themselves.

I think these are a great way to have a filling breakfast with out spending a lot of time making it. I love they are in serving pouches that can go anywhere with you. I sure hope you give them a try soon. I am sure you can find them at your grocery store in the area of where you would find granola bars.

Also keep an eye out for coupons for these to print. I did a video review for them so you could see packaging so when you go to the store you will be able to find them thanks for looking at my review :)

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