Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Soft Scrub Balls Dream Band

As a Purex insider I get to hear about all kinds of wonderful new products so I want to once again tell you about Soft scrub Balls toilet cleaner. These are really effective and they have gotten rid of a hard water stain in my toilet in no time they work hard to keep you toilet clean and fresh.

This campaign is all about keeping a fresh and clean toilet and Purex wanted me to share the video they did for it which can be found on facebook at this link Purex Soft Scrub Balls Dream Band video

I hope you check it out its cool.

I was selected to get some samples of this product but regardless of that I did want to ask you to click the link so you could see the video, this link is currently taking you to the facebook page for this project and you can see the video on youtube through it.

Maybe once I get my kit in with the coupons Ill be able to host a giveaway but in the mean time please have a look at the video and Like the facebook page I really appreciate it. thanks for looking

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