Friday, March 14, 2014

Publix March Fresh Savings, lots of BOGO in this sale

As a member of Plateful co op I am please to tell you all about the New deals at Publix going on now through the 19th of march 2014. Publix is having so many wonderful items on sale and it would be a great time to stock up

Some of my favorite products on sale this week are

Doritos BOGO

Cheeze it crackers BOGO

Kebler 100 calorie right bite cookies BOGO

Edy's ice cream or frozen yogurt BOGO

Bertolli Sause BOGO and Muellers Pasta BOGO

The very best deal is Bertolli extra virgin olive oil

Just to name a few Publix also has some coupons you can use to buy other favorites as well.

The sale will end on March 19th so hurry and get these deals before they are gone. I was given a gift card to shop the sale but everyone knows I love Publix and my opinions about it are my own.

I sure hope you have a look at this sale and get that Olive oil. I use it in everything its great and a awesome deal.

You can get some great coupons online and Publix will take coupons from other stores, you will have to check with your Publix but mine will let you use printed coupons from other stores as I just use one today that I printed off a competitors web site.

So get the Publix sale paper check it agents your coupons and save big with the Publix March Fresh Savings deals and sales. Thanks for reading :)

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